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our story

A deep-rooted love for excellent spirits.

A great respect for clean, organic, and unsullied;  completely stripped of the artificial and synthetic.

A passion for unrivaled flavor and artisan quality paired with accessibility.

Because it's better to drink naked.

Image by May Sermonia


Borne from a vision in America’s Midwest and crafted by the finest artisans in Jalisco’s  Amatitán region - Desnuda blends a passion for excellence with time-honored methods, unparalleled skill, and seriously great flavor. 

Nick and Brian are serial entrepreneurs who have had a penchant for tequila since they first sipped quality tequila. And while they enjoyed the tequilas found on many a bar-back, they craved a spirit that would ultimately “take it up a notch.” Not only did they want to impart excellent taste, but they also wanted something superior, clean, and pristine as the pools of Amatitán.  From piñas to barrels, our tequila is lovingly coaxed from Agave grown in the heartland of tequila and crafted by the most skilled and knowledgeable artisans.



Using distillation techniques reaching back to the first jimadors in Amatitan, Desnuda captures the pristine flavors that are crucial for any knockout excellent tequila. 


We want our practices to be as transparent as our tequila. We’re honored to work with artisans who respect the life of agave from seed to harvest. By using these time-honored methods, our recipe harnesses a perfect expression of the region’s terroir. 


So where does Desnuda begin? Join us from the rich soil of Amatitan to your glass.


It all starts in a vast field of blue, rich with Blue Weber of the Agave genus. These gigantic plants are nurtured in the ground of Guadalajara, where agave are said to be larger and better tasting than any other place in the world. 


Spanning up to 16 feet with a heart weighing up to 200 pounds, our Blue Weber Agave spends around seven years growing to optimal ripeness before its harvest. Our agave is free from pesticides and cultured with organic fertilizers and certified organic farming practices.


When the plant has reached maturity ideal for tequila, a Jimador - or agave farmer- equipped with a coa de jima harvests the heart of the agave, the pińa. The Coa uses a machete-like blade to cut the agave plant from its roots. This seemingly simple tool is a specifically crafted tool to sluice away the spiny leaves and harvest the pińas.


These pińas are crushed on millstones that have seen thousands of agave hearts over their history, roasted on volcanic rock straight from the surrounding earth, brewed, then cooled by spring waters from the renowned springs flowing through the volcanic rocks. 


Through each step of this esteemed  process, our tequila is buttressed by nature to expel the purest form of tequila through each stage.

Desnuda is 100% USDA Organic certified, GMO-free, additive-free, and gluten-free.

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2DO MONTAJE.00_00_41_17.Still002.jpg


We could easily have just gone with one of the huge third party distillers that so many new brands have gone with, however, we wanted something different.


Quality and purity were the most important aspects to us. As fitness enthusiasts, we truly care about what goes into our bodies. We took our time finding a small, family-owned Certified Organic farm and distillery that has been honoring the craft of tequila for decades.


What sets us apart from other brands is our literal hands-on approach to every single aspect of the process; from the distillery to the bottle manufacturer and labeling partners, we are committed to being involved throughout the entire process. 


It’s vital to us that we’re building a brand that not only celebrates the excellence of clean, pure tequila - but also opens the market of superior spirits to a larger audience. We wanted to strip down to the purest, most natural way to imbibe - hence, our name:



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Nick grew up in Monticello, IN, and attended Purdue for a year before embarking on a new journey and flexing his design skills in San Diego at a Jewelry School.


At twenty, he started the luxury jewelry and watch company BlumLux - kickstarting his foray into a host of other successful ventures, including restaurants & bars Nick has dreamt of starting a tequila company for many of his 35 years - and now that has finally come to fruition.


Salúd to that!

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Brian was raised in a small, rural town in central Illinois working on the family Christmas tree farm. Moving out from under the pine needles, Brian began his studies in Southern Illinois at the Edwardsville School of Pharmacy, graduating with a Doctor of Pharmacy and more of an entrepreneurial drive than ever.

Brian opened and is the owner of two F45 Training Gyms in Indianapolis and now, Brian strives to combine his zeal for fitness, background in chemistry, and taste for pristine spirits.



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